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1 Analysis on tracing characteristics of sparse particles in impeller of molten salt pump based on Lagrange algorithm
WANG Yi,GU Boqin,SHAO Chunlei 2016 01 [50-55][Abstract](580)[pdf 1580KB](9347)
2 Dynamics characteristic analysis of standing human-structure interaction under lateral excitation
LU Jian,ZHOU Ding,LI Zhijun,LIU Weiqing 2015 06 [61-68][Abstract](749)[pdf 1761KB](4588)
3 Effects of hot pressing on friction and wear properties for brake pads
YANG Kunpeng1,GAO Xian1,YAO Wenjun2,WANG Changsong1 2015 06 [13-19][Abstract](442)[pdf 2245KB](4012)
4 Slewing bearing life state recognition based on support vector machine optimized by particle swarm
LU Chao,CHEN Jie,HONG Rongjing,FENG Yang 2016 01 [56-61][Abstract](905)[pdf 2066KB](2194)
5 Effects of cathode buffer layers on performance of organic photovoltaic devices
PENG Xiaochen,ZHANG Weihao,ZHANG Jian,FENG Xiaodong 2015 06 [31-34][Abstract](441)[pdf 1124KB](1940)
6 Simulation of dividing wall extractive distillation column for separation of propylene oxide-water-methanol
GAO Xiaoxin1,2,TAN Jiankai2,TAO Yang2,ZHANG Zhenyu2,MA Zhengfei1 2015 06 [110-113][Abstract](446)[pdf 1115KB](1684)
7 Determination of Lcitrulline and Lornithine by high performance liquid chromatography with precolumn derivation
ZHOU Hui, HAO Ning, YAN Ming, XU Lin 2009 02 [77-80][Abstract](2206)[pdf 1427KB](1644)
8 Synthesis and porous structure analysis of metal organic framework MIL-101 and its carbon monoxide adsorption
CHEN Yong1,GUO Jingtao1,WANG Chongqing1,2,LIU Xiaoqin1,2,MA Zhengfei1,2 2012 05 [7-11][Abstract](2297)[pdf 1173KB](1641)
9 Application of microwave-flocculation technology in extraction and purification of polysaccharides from Grifola frondosa
MAN Ning,SUN Pan,HAN Wei 2015 06 [99-104][Abstract](523)[pdf 1239KB](1495)
10 Relationshipbetween GAMIT processing results of small GPS regional net and determination of IGS stations
WU Xijuan1,GAO Junqiang 1, HUANG Yan 2 2010 04 [96-99][Abstract](2553)[pdf 998KB](1420)
11 N-licylidene-iethylenetriamine as ligand for atom transfer radical polymerization (ATPR)

LU ang,LU Chunhua,XU Zhongzi,LI Yimin
2010 04 [6-10][Abstract](1570)[pdf 1105KB](1419)
12 Codon optimization, expression and characterization of aciduric and thermostable α-amylase in E.coli
WANG Chenghua1,2, WANG Qingyan2,3, XIONG Wuping2,3, LIAO Siming2,3, HE Bingfang1, HUANG Ribo1,2,3 2012 03 [20-26][Abstract](1265)[pdf 1470KB](1418)
13 Advances in preparation and catalytic applications of mesoporous ZSM5 zeolitic materials
WANG Jun, CHEN Demin, GU Haiwei, TENG Hui, REN Xiaoqian 2010 04 [100-104][Abstract](2943)[pdf 890KB](1417)
14 MATLAB-based data processing of shaking table test
LU Weidong 2011 06 [1-4][Abstract](2486)[pdf 1793KB](1373)
15 Nonlinear finite element analysis of elastic sliding bearing based on ABAQUS
WANG Lu, OU Jin, WANG Shuguang, LIU Weiqing 2010 04 [49-53][Abstract](1465)[pdf 1222KB](1371)
16 Prediction of longitudinal elastic modulus of unidirectional short-fiber-reinforced composites
SUN Kaijun 1, GU Boqin 1,2, ZHOU Jianfeng 1, HUANG Xinglu 1 2011 02 [85-88][Abstract](1719)[pdf 1016KB](1338)
17 Mechanism of grain orientation growth on textured (Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 lead free piezoelectric ceramics
WANG Guoyong,LIU Yunfei,TANG Wei,L Yinong 2010 04 [32-37][Abstract](1686)[pdf 2304KB](1308)
18 Synthesis and properties of longchain ionic liquids
CUI Ruibo, ZHANG Jing, LI Wanbo, TIAN Danbi 2009 03 [33-36][Abstract](1781)[pdf 954KB](1258)
19 Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of Eu3+ -doped SrMoO4 red phosphor
DAI Shenhua, LIU Yunfei, LU Yinong, XIA Lili, MIN Huihua, SUN Xing 2011 02 [1-5][Abstract](1823)[pdf 7510KB](1255)
20 Properties of waterborne polyurethane acrylate coating film by UV-heat dual curing
XU Haibo,XIE Hui,HUANG Li,SANG Lingchen 2016 01 [39-44][Abstract](579)[pdf 1146KB](1230)
21 Study on catalytic performance of dibromomethane combustion over Ce-Mn mixed oxide
LIU Feng-fen, CHEN Xian, TANG Ji-hai, CUI Mi-fen, QIAO Xu 2010 06 [31-35][Abstract](1146)[pdf 1131KB](1226)
22 Research progress and trends of electronic packaging materials
 TANG Tao, ZHANG Xu, XU Zhongzi 2010 04 [105-110][Abstract](1729)[pdf 894KB](1225)
23 3-periodicity of DNA sequence signals
SHAO Jianfeng1,YAN Xiaohua 1,SHAO Wei2,LIU Guoqing1 2012 04 [133-137][Abstract](2333)[pdf 1030KB](1202)
24 Catalytic performance of Pt/HPW/ZrO2 for glycerol deoxygenation into 1,3-propandiol
CHEN Changlin, SONG Minjie, QIN Lizhen 2011 01 [1-7][Abstract](1760)[pdf 1076KB](1185)
25 Applications of optimal carrier gas velocity of SE-30 capillary chromatographic columns
XU Dongyu, QIN Jinping, XU Yanli,GAO Junwei 2009 02 [43-47][Abstract](1385)[pdf 1106KB](1162)
26 Heat transfer performance analysis for??radial eccentric gravity heat pipe


2010 06 [75-79][Abstract](1140)[pdf 1198KB](1152)
27 Effect of Al2O3 on properties of Ce0.8La0.2O1.9 electrolyte material
ZHENG Yi-feng, ZHOU Ming, CHEN Han, GUO Lu-cun 2010 06 [1-5][Abstract](1387)[pdf 1315KB](1125)
28 Properties of crossshaped columnsteel beam joint in honeycomb steel reinforced concrete
ZHENG Tingyin,QIANG Handan,FU Xiaoyu,WU Jingyu,MAO Zhiwei 2011 05 [1-6][Abstract](1571)[pdf 1381KB](1118)
29 Condensation reaction of vanillin with 1,2-propanediol over silica supported cesium phosphotungstate catalysts
SHEN Chuan-lei, LIU Ping, WANG Jun 2010 02 [22-25][Abstract](1230)[pdf 575KB](1112)
30 Onestep synthesis of yttrium orthoferrite nanocrystals by solgel
autocombustion method and their magnetic properties

ZHANG Wei, GUO Cuijing, JI Rongjin, ZENG Yanwei 2010 04 [38-43][Abstract](1731)[pdf 1577KB](1111)
31 Optimization of two-step synthesis of benzyl alcohol by esterification and hydrolysis
TANG Jihai, GUO Haidong, CHEN Xian, CUI Mifen, QIAO Xu 2011 04 [12-15][Abstract](1427)[pdf 984KB](1104)
32 Numerical analysis on thermo-mechanical settlement characteristics of geothermal energy single pile
WANG Binbin1,LU Hongwei2,HONG Xin3,WANG Hao1,JIANG Gang1 2016 01 [89-95][Abstract](638)[pdf 1509KB](1098)
33 Influence of crosssection shape of tunnel on intunnel air blast wave propagation
LU Hongqin, LIU Weiqing 2009 06 [41-44][Abstract](1267)[pdf 1327KB](1094)
34 Emergency scheduling model and its method of traffic lifeline system after earthquake
LI Yongyi1,2,LI Boquan3,CHU Hao2 2011 01 [33-37][Abstract](1192)[pdf 919KB](1089)
35 Numerical simulation of exhaust pipe dimension in the flow field of cyclone separator
WU Caijin1,2, MA Zhengfei1, HAN Hong2 2010 04 [11-17][Abstract](1807)[pdf 1549KB](1088)
36 Biomimetic synthesis of CaCO3 induced by chainand
ringlike polysaccharides  College of Sciences, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing 210009, China)

ZHANG Hui, YIN Xiaoshuang, YANG Wenzhong 2010 01 [50-54][Abstract](1273)[pdf 1137KB](1085)
37 Effects of light rare-earth ions doping on phase composition and reflectivity of SmBO3
HAN Peng-de, HUANG Xiao-gu, ZHANG Le, WANG Li-xi1, ZHANG Qi-tu 2010 06 [12-15][Abstract](1216)[pdf 1606KB](1079)

Chemical stability of hydrophobic alumina membrane surface

KE Wei, GAO Neng-wen, LI Mei, FAN Yi-qun

2010 06 [45-49][Abstract](1507)[pdf 1496KB](1079)
39 Repair of composite palladium membrane by electroless plating
after pretreatment with Pd(OH)2 colloid

HU Xiaojuan, WEI Juan, HUANG Yan 2011 03 [43-48][Abstract](1876)[pdf 1488KB](1060)
40 Numerical analysis on separation mechanism of oil later hydrocyclone
ZHANG Dan,CHEN Ye 2009 02 [81-85][Abstract](1368)[pdf 2997KB](1056)
41 Anti-seismic performance of single plate shear connection between steel beam and reinforced concrete column
HU Xia-min, XUE Wei, JIANG Min 2009 04 [41-47][Abstract](1150)[pdf 1481KB](1054)
42 Effects of different carbon sources on butanol production by Clostridium acetobutylicum
GUO Ting1,2, SUN Baijun1, LIANG Dafeng2, HE Bingfang1, JIANG Min1, OUYANG Pingkai1 2011 02 [20-23][Abstract](1828)[pdf 2815KB](1043)
43 Preparation of polystyrene bonded cellulose phenyl carbamate stationary phase
WANG Ming, WEI Rongqing, LIU Xiaoning, ZHONG Yu 2010 04 [44-48][Abstract](1614)[pdf 1001KB](1042)
44 Effects of mass fraction of Al2O3 on properties of PbO-B2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramics
SHAO Hui, ZHOU Hongqing, ZHU Haikui, SHEN Xiaodong 2011 03 [6-11][Abstract](1896)[pdf 1643KB](1039)
45 Mechanics properties of paulownia core sandwich composites
FANG Hai, LIU Weiqing, LU Weidong, WAN Li 2011 05 [7-12][Abstract](1715)[pdf 1054KB](1034)
46 Classification  of toxic medium leakage rate in petrochemical industry
LI Fang1, GU Boqin1, DAI Yulin2, QIAN Haiyan2 2009 03 [60-63][Abstract](1137)[pdf 883KB](1032)
47 Effect of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane on tesion of rough sericite powder by wet modification
JIANG Guodong,SHEN Xiaodong,WANG Tingwei 2010 04 [18-22][Abstract](1929)[pdf 1043KB](1020)
48 Mineralization abilities of trace organic contaminants in aqueous solutions by advanced oxidation processes
YANG Zhuhong,HUANG Wenjuan,JI Yuanhui,LIU Chang, LU Xiaohua 2011 02 [109-114][Abstract](1546)[pdf 1019KB](1020)
49 Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange of high concentration with TiO2 membrane
2003 01 [5-8][Abstract](609)[pdf 165KB](1012)
50 Hydrogen transfer reaction of acetophenone with iso-propanol catalyzed
by 4-allyloxy-bis(N,N-diethlaminomethyl) pridine ruthenium complex

YANG Gang, QIN Dongling, XU Nanping 2011 03 [1-5][Abstract](1860)[pdf 1125KB](1011)