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1 Advances in preparation and catalytic applications of mesoporous ZSM5 zeolitic materials
WANG Jun, CHEN Demin, GU Haiwei, TENG Hui, REN Xiaoqian 2010 04 [100-104][Abstract](3048)[pdf 890KB](1483)
2 Relationshipbetween GAMIT processing results of small GPS regional net and determination of IGS stations
WU Xijuan1,GAO Junqiang 1, HUANG Yan 2 2010 04 [96-99][Abstract](2677)[pdf 998KB](1455)
3 MATLAB-based data processing of shaking table test
LU Weidong 2011 06 [1-4][Abstract](2566)[pdf 1793KB](1606)
4 Measurement and correlation of solubility of terephthalic acid,p-toluic acid and 4-carboxybenzaldehyde in aqueous acetic acid solution
ZHANG Cunji,WAN Hui,GUAN Guofeng 2012 01 [126-129][Abstract](2504)[pdf 412KB](895)
5 Preparation of multichannel ZrO2 ultrafilration membrane with suspension derived from wet chemical synthesis
ZHOU Xing, QIU Minghui, FAN Yiqun 2011 03 [78-81][Abstract](2496)[pdf 1430KB](1036)
6 Synthesis and porous structure analysis of metal organic framework MIL-101 and its carbon monoxide adsorption
CHEN Yong1,GUO Jingtao1,WANG Chongqing1,2,LIU Xiaoqin1,2,MA Zhengfei1,2 2012 05 [7-11][Abstract](2483)[pdf 1173KB](1699)
7 Review on preparation and application of sulfonated solid acid catalysts
ZENG Changfeng1, CHEN Jun 2 , ZHANG Lixiong 2,LU Yong 3 2009 06 [104-110][Abstract](2466)[pdf 1027KB](1030)
8 3-periodicity of DNA sequence signals
SHAO Jianfeng1,YAN Xiaohua 1,SHAO Wei2,LIU Guoqing1 2012 04 [133-137][Abstract](2409)[pdf 1030KB](1246)
9 Determination of Lcitrulline and Lornithine by high performance liquid chromatography with precolumn derivation
ZHOU Hui, HAO Ning, YAN Ming, XU Lin 2009 02 [77-80][Abstract](2268)[pdf 1427KB](1677)
10 Remediation technique on DDT-contaminated soil
HUANG Yang,ZHU Jun, ZHAO Wei, ZHAO Hao, XU Yanhua 2011 02 [94-98][Abstract](2239)[pdf 1072KB](991)
11 Fabrication of triangular silver nanoplates by chemical reduction
using aniline at low temperature

HE Aishan, YUN Zhi 2010 01 [98-101][Abstract](2228)[pdf 1644KB](1035)
12 Preparation diesel oil microemusion by anionic/cationic/nonionic surfactants
LI Su, L Xiaoping, HAN Pingfang 2011 02 [55-58][Abstract](2227)[pdf 1044KB](973)
13 Preparation and characterization of HDI/SiO2 and HMDS/HDI/SiO2 hybrid particles
LIN Jinbin,LIU Chang,CHEN Hongling,FEI Ting 2012 06 [12-17][Abstract](2171)[pdf 1825KB](863)
14 Progress in? A2Btype Ti2Nibased hydrogen storage alloy
MA Liqun, ZHAO Xiangyu, DING Yi, SHEN Xiaodong 2010 05 [106-110][Abstract](2096)[pdf 976KB](870)
15 Effect of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane on tesion of rough sericite powder by wet modification
JIANG Guodong,SHEN Xiaodong,WANG Tingwei 2010 04 [18-22][Abstract](2010)[pdf 1043KB](1068)
16 Effects of ceramic membrane configuration on the performance of crossflow microfiltration of yeast suspension
DENG Wei, XING Weihong, FAN Yiqun 2011 02 [47-50][Abstract](1999)[pdf 1088KB](1008)
17 Effects of mass fraction of Al2O3 on properties of PbO-B2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramics
SHAO Hui, ZHOU Hongqing, ZHU Haikui, SHEN Xiaodong 2011 03 [6-11][Abstract](1985)[pdf 1643KB](1078)
18 Catalytic dehydration of ethanol to ethylene over P/HZSM-5 zeolites
HU Yaochi, ZHAN Nina, ZHANG Wengui, L Hao, HU Yi 2012 01 [24-29][Abstract](1978)[pdf 873KB](784)
19 Repair of composite palladium membrane by electroless plating
after pretreatment with Pd(OH)2 colloid

HU Xiaojuan, WEI Juan, HUANG Yan 2011 03 [43-48][Abstract](1967)[pdf 1488KB](1098)
20 Determination of tacrolimus in  fermentation broth by
reversedphase liquid chromatography

CHEN Lin1, YANG Wenge1, HU Yonghong1, HUA Peng2 2009 03 [29-32][Abstract](1964)[pdf 1210KB](885)
21 Simulation of heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer(HIT)solar cells
MA Bin,FENG Xiaodong 2014 04 [45-49][Abstract](1954)[pdf 1073KB](775)
22 Hydrogen transfer reaction of acetophenone with iso-propanol catalyzed
by 4-allyloxy-bis(N,N-diethlaminomethyl) pridine ruthenium complex

YANG Gang, QIN Dongling, XU Nanping 2011 03 [1-5][Abstract](1944)[pdf 1125KB](1049)
23 Effects of different carbon sources on butanol production by Clostridium acetobutylicum
GUO Ting1,2, SUN Baijun1, LIANG Dafeng2, HE Bingfang1, JIANG Min1, OUYANG Pingkai1 2011 02 [20-23][Abstract](1910)[pdf 2815KB](1090)
24 Preparation and electrochemical performances of LaBaCo2O5+δ-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 graded composite cathode
LI Ruifeng,CHEN Han,GUO Lucun 2012 02 [1-5][Abstract](1908)[pdf 1866KB](1052)
25 Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of Eu3+ -doped SrMoO4 red phosphor
DAI Shenhua, LIU Yunfei, LU Yinong, XIA Lili, MIN Huihua, SUN Xing 2011 02 [1-5][Abstract](1907)[pdf 7510KB](1348)
26 Synthesis and properties of longchain ionic liquids
CUI Ruibo, ZHANG Jing, LI Wanbo, TIAN Danbi 2009 03 [33-36][Abstract](1899)[pdf 954KB](1309)
27 Freeze-thaw cycle test and damage mechanics model of
 PC members after fatigue loads

LIU Ronggui 1,LIU Tao 1,ZHOU Weiling 2,ZHANG Yiduo 1,CHEN Yu 1 2011 03 [22-27][Abstract](1885)[pdf 1471KB](1026)
28 Numerical simulation of exhaust pipe dimension in the flow field of cyclone separator
WU Caijin1,2, MA Zhengfei1, HAN Hong2 2010 04 [11-17][Abstract](1883)[pdf 1549KB](1122)
29 Orientation relations between T1 supercell and pseudohexagonal subcell in C3S
MIN Huihua1, LIU Yunfei1, ZHU Jianmin2, LÜ Yinong1 2012 04 [1-5][Abstract](1878)[pdf 1539KB](1012)
30 Catalytic performance of Pt/HPW/ZrO2 for glycerol deoxygenation into 1,3-propandiol
CHEN Changlin, SONG Minjie, QIN Lizhen 2011 01 [1-7][Abstract](1841)[pdf 1076KB](1233)
31 Synthesis of TS-1 zeolite with chain-like morphology
WANG Ye,LI Jiadong,NIU Shijun,LIN Xiao 2011 03 [82-86][Abstract](1836)[pdf 1411KB](944)

Effects of fermentation regulation and molecular modification on succinate production by E. coli based key enzyme expression


MA Jiangfeng, LIANG Liya, LIU Rongming, ZHANG Min, CHEN Kequan, JIANG Min, WEI Ping 2011 03 [58-61][Abstract](1831)[pdf 968KB](1020)
33 Prediction of flash points for ternary organic-water solution mixtures by support vector machine
SHEN Ruihua1, PAN Yong2, NI Lei2 2011 06 [62-66][Abstract](1827)[pdf 1073KB](927)
34 Simulation and design for purification of CO from N2/CO gases by pressure swing adsorption
ZHAO Chunfeng1 , DING Yanbing2, MA Zhengfei1, ZHU Zhimin1, LIU Xiaoqin1, YAO Huqing1 2011 04 [83-87][Abstract](1818)[pdf 968KB](944)
35 Separation of cyclohexane/water emulsions by ultrasound
SUN Liyun, YANG Liang, HAN Pingfang, LU Xiaoping 2011 02 [16-19][Abstract](1809)[pdf 2801KB](739)
36 Metal dusting corrosion model for thin plate on bending load
KANG Yuanhao 1, ZHOU Changyu 1, HU Guiming 2 2011 02 [89-93][Abstract](1808)[pdf 1669KB](908)
37 Mechanics properties of paulownia core sandwich composites
FANG Hai, LIU Weiqing, LU Weidong, WAN Li 2011 05 [7-12][Abstract](1799)[pdf 1054KB](1073)
38 Research progress and trends of electronic packaging materials
 TANG Tao, ZHANG Xu, XU Zhongzi 2010 04 [105-110][Abstract](1799)[pdf 894KB](1264)
39 Onestep synthesis of yttrium orthoferrite nanocrystals by solgel
autocombustion method and their magnetic properties

ZHANG Wei, GUO Cuijing, JI Rongjin, ZENG Yanwei 2010 04 [38-43][Abstract](1796)[pdf 1577KB](1147)
40 Prediction of longitudinal elastic modulus of unidirectional short-fiber-reinforced composites
SUN Kaijun 1, GU Boqin 1,2, ZHOU Jianfeng 1, HUANG Xinglu 1 2011 02 [85-88][Abstract](1795)[pdf 1016KB](1444)
41 Mechanism of grain orientation growth on textured (Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 lead free piezoelectric ceramics
WANG Guoyong,LIU Yunfei,TANG Wei,L Yinong 2010 04 [32-37][Abstract](1773)[pdf 2304KB](1357)
42 Structure and interaction of Au nanoparticles in supercritical CO2
SUN Ling, YANG Xiaoning 2012 04 [69-73][Abstract](1763)[pdf 1261KB](786)
43 Moving curved surface fitting based on Kriging statistics
GUAN Lili, LI Mingfeng, LU Kou, CHEN Chunhui 2011 03 [98-101][Abstract](1762)[pdf 921KB](999)
44 Corrosion inhibition of tetrazoles for copper in H2SO4 solution
LIU Pengju1,FANG Xia2,YAO Cheng 1 2012 02 [127-132][Abstract](1740)[pdf 1141KB](707)
45 Preparation and characterization of metal-organic framework MIL-96 membrane
NAN Jiangpu, DONG Xueliang, WANG Wenjin, HUANG Kang, JIN Wanqin 2013 01 [1-6][Abstract](1740)[pdf 794KB](807)
46 Separation of matrine-type alkaloids with ionic liquids and triethylamine as mobile phase
BIAN Min 1,2, YIN Hao 2, ZHANG Zunjian 1 2012 01 [117-120][Abstract](1739)[pdf 577KB](628)
47 Direct displacementbased design method for seismic isolation structures with rubber bearings
SUN Zhen, LIU Weiqing 2011 05 [13-18][Abstract](1715)[pdf 1086KB](819)
48 Microstructure and properties of PTW-doped SiO2 aerogels
LIN Benlan 1,2,CUI Sheng 1,SHEN Xiaodong 1,LENG Yingli 1,TENG Kaiming 1,JIANG Guodong 1 2012 01 [20-23][Abstract](1712)[pdf 847KB](724)
49 Research and application on small punch test technology
LING Xiang, ZHOU Zhiliang, XIE Qiaoyun 2009 02 [106-110][Abstract](1694)[pdf 931KB](781)
50 Mechanism and comparison of UV photolysis and hydrolysis of poly lactic acid
WANG Yuan, JI Le, WANG Tingwei 2009 02 [69-72][Abstract](1692)[pdf 1081KB](867)