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Research progress on assembly of carbon nanotubes(PDF)


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Research progress on assembly of carbon nanotubes
AN LibaoZHANG Yuting
College of Mechanical Engineering,North China University of Science and Technology,Tangshan 063009,China
CNT assembly research progress
Due to the unique structure and excellent mechanical,electrical and thermal properties,carbon nanotubes(CNT)are expected to be applied in various fields such as new materials,new energy,micro-and nano-electronics,biology,and chemical industry.Assembly is a prerequisite for the application of CNT in micro- and nano- electronics among others.In recent years,the techniques for the assembly of CNT have been rapidly developed,which include dielectrophoresis(DEP),direct growth by chemical vapor deposition(CVD),self-assembly,assembly using a probe,Langmuir-Blodgett(L-B)method,and blown bubble film(BBF)assembly.In this paper,the commonly used CNT assembly methods were introduced.The research progress as well as the applications of these methods were reviewed and summarized.The research provided help for exploring more efficient and stable methods for CNT assembly and expanding the applications of CNT.


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