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Experiemental and analytical research on axial bearing capacity of single steel angles(PDF)


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Experiemental and analytical research on axial bearing capacity of single steel angles
CAO Shishan1ZHANG Dachang 1GAO Zhenping 2
1.Research Center of Tower Mast Structure,College of Civil Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China; 2.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company,Nanjing 210005,China
steel single angle experiment of axial bearing capacity finite element simulation calculation formula of axial bearing capacity
Foreign transmission line project reported that the failure rate of tower which designed by ASCE 10-97 was 23% in the EPRI and SERC,in the meantime,prototype tower in accordance with DL/T 5154 may often be too expensive.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out the axial bearing capacity test of single steel angle and a new rational calculation equation for designing of steel angles.Axial bearing capacity tests and FEM simulations of single angles were carried out in this paper,considering the effective length factor of the knife hinge adopted here,it revealed the true axial bearing capacity of single angle.Subsequently,this paper proposed a comprehensive design practice for bearing capacity of axial compressed single angle with slenderness ratio and width to thickness ratio,and the suitability of the proposed calculation method was validated.The proposed method can be used for foreign transmission line engineering design for its simplicity.


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