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Effects of the structural dynamical reactions of the non-stationary property of intensity based on reduction string function model(PDF)


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Effects of the structural dynamical reactions of the non-stationary property of intensity based on reduction string function model
JIANG HailouDU DongshengWANG ShuguangLI Weiwei
College of Civil Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China
non-stationary property of intensity intensity envelope function residue theorem
The reduction string function envelop model is used to adjust harmonic function and obtain signals with non-stationary intensity,and establish the linear SDOF motion balance equation under these incentives.The residue theorem of complex function is adapted to solve the motion equation and obtain the analytical expression of the influence of non-stationary feature of intensity on structural dynamical reactions.This paper studied the influence law of the non-stationary property of incentive intensity on the structural dynamical reaction,andrevealed the different influence mechanism of incentive signals with different peak time and different non-stationary intensity on the structural dynamical reactions.


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