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Analysis of modeⅡ interfacial fracture toughness of GFRP-foam sandwich structure under temperature loading(PDF)


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Analysis of modeⅡ interfacial fracture toughness of GFRP-foam sandwich structure under temperature loading
MA YaliWANG LuOU JinLIU Weiqing
College of Civil Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China
composite materimal sandwich structure ENF strain energy release rate
This paper studied the effects of different temperatures on glass fiber enhanced composite(GFRP)-foam sandwich structure of mode II interface fracture toughness,the first analysis of the different temperature of GFRP and polyurethane foam compression performance impact.The load-displacement curve of GFRP-foam sandwich structure by end notched flexure(ENF)method was measured.The experimental results showed that the ultimate bearing capacity gradually decreasedwith the increase inthe temperature.The stratification of the interface was analyzed byusing the energy release rate (G) criterion.Based on the experimental observation and data analysis,the interfacial strain energy release rate G was calculated.The strain energy release rate at the interface of G was decreased gradually with the increase of temperature by comparing the values of G.


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