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Damage numerical analysis for steel reinforced concrete columnbased on fiber-model(PDF)


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Damage numerical analysis for steel reinforced concrete columnbased on fiber-model
ZHAO XuanYUE JianguangDONG JunLU Qizhi
College of Civil Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China
steel reinforced concrete column fiber model numericalsimulation damage
Fiber finite element model was used to analyze the damage behaviors of steel reinforced concrete(SRC)columns under low-cyclic loading tests.Two finite element models were compared with each other,which were the displacement-based beam-column elements model and force-based beam-column element model.The material constitutive relationships of concrete,reinforcement and steel were defined respectively by their corresponding fibers of the cross section.The calculated results of hysteretic curves and damage evolution curves are both in good agreement with the test results.This analytical work shows that the seismic damage behavior of SRC column could be simulated tenuously by the fiber FEM.


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