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Synthesis kinetics of isobornyl acrylate by addition reaction of acrylic acid and camphene(PDF)


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Synthesis kinetics of isobornyl acrylate by addition reaction of acrylic acid and camphene
ZHANG TingjianTANG JihaiFEI ZhaoyangCHEN XianCUI MifenQIAO Xu
State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering, College of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 210009,China
acrylic acid camphene isobornyl acrylate(IBOA) SO3H-SBA-15 kinetics
The addition reaction of camphene with acrylic acid to prepare isobornyl acrylate(IBOA)was carried out over sulfonic acid functionalized SBA-15(SO3H-SBA-15).Kinetic experimental data were obtained with the eliminated external diffusion at the stirring speed of 600 r/min.The α-terpinene,limonene,fenchene derived from the isomerization of camphene catalyzed by SO3H-SBA-15 were treated as isomeric olefins,and the corresponding acrylic esters generated by addition of acrylic acid and isomeric olefins were regarded as isomeric acrylate.From the established pseudo-first-order kinetic model,the parameters were regressed.The reaction heat of addition esterification of acrylic acid and camphene,isomerization of camphene,and esterification of isomeric olefins was -9.41,-31.32 and -13.39 kJ/mol,respectively.The correlated results agreed well with the experimental data,and the statistic test results indicated that the kinetic model was reliable.


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