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Characteristics of heavy metal in biogas slurry,soil and vegetable system(PDF)


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Characteristics of heavy metal in biogas slurry,soil and vegetable system
ZHOU Lingjun12LYU Lin13
1.Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science,Nanjing 210036,China; 2.Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Environmental Engineering,Nanjing 210036,China; 3.College of Environment,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098,China
biogas slurry vegetables and related soils the characteristics of heavy metals pollution correlation analysis accumulation factor
The contents of heavy metals,their correlations and accumulation factors were studied to make clear and definite the variation laws of heavy metals in biogas slurry,soil and vegetable system.Results showed that the concentrations of Ni,Zn,Cd and Pb in vegetables and related soils exceeded the upper limits of evaluation standards.Moreover,the concentrations of Mn,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,As and Pb in soils showed significant correlations with organic matter(OM),and pH showed positive correlations with Cd,Cu,As and Cr.The strongest relationship was presented between Cu and Co,Cu and Ni,Ni and Co,and Zn and As in vegetables.The metal accumulation factors were found the highest for Cd followed by Zn,Cr,Pb,Mn,Cu,Ni,Co and As,and the average accumulation factors of vegetables were in the order of amaranth,water spinach,kalimeris indica,garlic,scallion and greens.Amaranth was observed to have a greater heavy metals absorption capacity compared with other vegetables.Results showed that the leafy vegetables had a higher uptake of heavy metals than non-leafy vegetables,which should be attenuated to mitigate the heavy metal contamination during production of biogas slurry.


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