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Preparation of non-coated metallic monolith catalyst support by anodization(PDF)


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Preparation of non-coated metallic monolith catalyst support by anodization
CHEN Ruijie1GU Ouyun1LIAO Yongtao1LI Huabo2SAKURAI Makoto3ZHOU Lyu1MA Hua1GUO Yu1
1.State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering,College of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing 210009,China; 2.Sichuan Shutai Chemical Technology Co.Ltd., Suining 629300,China; 3.Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,Tokyo 184-8588,Japan
catalyst support Al2O3 anodization non-coated monolith catalyst
Porous anodic alumina(PAA)films were prepared by a two-step anodization in oxalic acid. The effect of anodizing conditions(voltage, time, electrolyte concentration, and temperature)on structural features was investigated under the metallic monolith structure. PAA film was treated hydrothermally for 1.5 h at 80 ℃, then roasted 3 h at 500 ℃. Results showed that pore diameter and film thickness increased linearly with the increase of anodization voltage(or electrolyte concentration, or anodization time). Exponential relations between pore diameter(or film thickness)and electrolyte temperature, and between pore density and voltage were confirmed. No effect of anodization time, temperature and concentration of the electrolyte on pore density was found. The surface area of the plate could be increased to 3 200 times, and the electrolyte temperature were considered to be the most effective factor to enlarge the surface area. When the PAA was subjected into hot water at 80 ℃ for 1.5 h, its surface area increased from 13.5 m2/g to 180.3 m2/g, accompany with the transformation of alumina from amorphous to gamma form. The serrated honeycomb prepared with "anodization-hydrothermal treatment-calcination" had higher surface area, bigger open frontal area and smaller bulk density than commercial cordierite honeycomb.


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