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Effects of In doping on the structure and electrical transport properties of Cu2SnS3(PDF)


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Effects of In doping on the structure and electrical transport properties of Cu2SnS3
SHEN YaweiPAN LinWANG Yifeng
College of Materials Science and Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 210009,China
Cu2SnS3 In doping structure evolution power factor
Dense bulk ceramics Cu2Sn1-xInxS3 of p-type In doping Cu2SnS3 were prepared by solid state reaction and investigated for structural and electrical transport properties.In-doping at the Sn-site markedly improved the electrical conductivity by implanting holes,with a modest Seebeck coefficient as favored by the triply degenerate state of valence band maximum.A maximum power factor of 0.75 mW/(m·K2)was obtained with x=0.20 of Cu2Sn0.8In0.2S3.The crystal structure of Cu2SnS3 transformed from original monoclinic to tetragonal via cubic symmetry with increasing amount of In,leading to an ordered-disordered change of the cations’ arrangement which would suppress the phonon transport effectively.A high ZT of 0.8 of Cu2Sn0.8In0.2S3 at 673 K was predicted by using the estimated total thermal conductivity based on a theoretical minimum lattice contribution and the Wiedemann-Franz relation,suggesting a great potential of Cu2SnS3 as an ecofriendly thermoelectric candidate.


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