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Creep life prediction of in-service materials by small punch creep test(PDF)


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Creep life prediction of in-service materials by small punch creep test
ZHENG Yangyan12YANG Sishen1LING Xiang1
1. College of Mechanical and Power Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800,China; 2. Jiangsu Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu,Nanjing 210036,China
creep small punch test life prediction
Creep properties of in-service Cr5Mo and 12Cr1MoV under different loads were analyzed by small punch creep tests.Compared to the results of conventional creep tests,creep life prediction method based on small punch test was established.Results showed that there existed apparent stages of deceleration,constant speed and acceleration in the small punch creep curves,which had the ability to replace the traditional creep tests.The steady creep rate gradually increased while the rupture life decreased with the increase of load.The relationship between steady creep rate and load could be described by Norton equation.Meanwhile,there was a power function relation between rupture life and load under constant temperature.In order to realize life extrapolation for in-service materials by small punch test,the creep rupture time was analyzed by temperature and load based on the Larson-Miller equation.


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