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Project "The new technique of synthesis of high quality acetyl tributyl citrate"
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  The conference to appraise the project "The new technique of synthesis of high quality acetyl tributyl citrate" was held by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing, on May 6th 2012. The project was led by Guo Kai, Professor of Nanjing University of Technology. The appraisement committee consists of seven members, including Academician Tan Tian-Wei from Beijing University of Technology and Professor Song Zong-Wen from Biochemical Engineering Committee of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, etc.
  The project has established novel environment-friendly system of complex catalysts and developed new continuous technique on synthesis of acetyl tributyl citrate. Furthermore, with this new technique, 12000 t/a acetyl tributyl citrate can be produced. The purity of the acetyl tributyl citrate produced can reach more than 99.7%. Compared to the traditional techniques, the waste liquid and solid generated during the production can be reduced by 45% and 85% respectively. In addition, 20% energy will be saved. Thus, both economical and social benefit can be achieved. The expert committee agreed unanimously that the new technique is innovative, with significant functions both in energy saving and emission reducing, which has reached the advanced international standards.