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Abundant Achievements have been Awarded the 2011 Jiangsu Provincial Science
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  On February 24, Science and Technology Awards (Jiangsu) Conference was held in Nanjing in the afternoon, at which winners of the 2011 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Awards and the National Science and Technology Awards were awarded.
  There are 219 projects awarded the 2011 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Awards, including 17 First Prizes, 60 Second Prizes, 123 Third Prizes and 19 Enterprise Technology Innovation Prize. NJUT won one First Prize, two Second Prizes and one Third Prize. The project “Research, Development and Application of Key Technologies of New Slewing Bearing Equipment” presided over by Professor Huang Xiao-tiao won a First Prize; the project "Safety Monitoring and Early Warning, and Emergency Disposal Technologies and Its Engineering Applications during Chemical Process " presided over by Professor Jiang Jun-cheng, and the project “Key Materials Preparation Technology and Its Applications of High-frequency Microcircuit ” presided over by Professor Zhou Hong-qing won the Second Prize; and the project “Preparation, Mechanical Properties and Industrial Applications of Micro-nano-crystalline Materials presided over by Professor Zhou Jian-qiu” won a Third Prize.
  (From Science and Technology Office)