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Professor Xing Wei-hong Won the Second Prize of the 2011 National Science and Te
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  The 2011 National Science and Technology Awards Ceremony, initiated by the State Council and the CPC Central Committee, was held in Beijing on February 14 to celebrate individuals and groups that made great contributions to the cause of China’s science and technology development in 2011.
  283 projects were awarded The 2011 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. The project “Research and Engineering Application of Continuous Ceramic Membrane Reactor” directed by Professor Xing Wei-hong was awarded the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards. This project, which belongs to the field of chemical engineering and technology, designs a new type of ceramic membrane reactor by combining membrane separation process and reaction process for the purpose of tackling key technology difficulties in China's chemical industry and petrochemical industry, i.e., slow of reaction and separation process, inefficiency and high energy consumption. It realizes the massive industrial application of membrane reactor technology in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry for the first time in the world and lays an important foundation for the energy-efficient and environment-friendly transition of China's chemical industry and petrochemical industry. The ceramic membrane reactor design and whole sets of equipment technology of the project have obtained direct economic benefits of nearly 150 million yuan. With the promotion and application by over 10 enterprises varying from chlor-alkali, enterprises to petrochemical enterprises and pesticide enterprises, etc., it saved 130 million yuan and the total new output value has been more than 5 billion yuan.
  (From Science and Technology Office)