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Won the 3rd Excellent China University Sci-tech Journals Awards
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  JOURNAL OF NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Natural Science Edition) won the Excellent China University Sci-tech Journals Awards at the ceremony of Exquisite, Excellent and Distinctive China University Sci-tech Journals Awards held in Chongqing on November 7, 2010. Leaders of the General Administration of Press and Publication, the Central Propaganda Department of the CPC Committee and the Ministry of Education attended the award ceremony.
  Currently, there are almost 1,500 university Sci-tech journals. The Science and Technology Division of the Ministry of Education sponsored the award ceremony and awarded 120 Excellent China University Sci-tech Journals Awards. The purpose of the awards is to consistently nurture abundant excellent and distinctive journals,that enhance the academic influence and competitiveness so as to further promote the development of science and technology career of universities. According to the academic quality and the editing and publishing quality, about the top 35% journals of 7 branches respectively, namely, comprehensive, science and engineering, agriculture and forestry, medicine and health, teacher training, sports, and military, could be appraised as excellent journals.