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Guide for Authors

  JOURNAL OF NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Natural Science Edition) is a periodical journal of natural science and engineering technology sponsored by Nanjing University of Technology (NJUT). Its editorial board consists of President Ouyang Pingkai, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice-President Xu Nanping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the specialists in various fields of disciplines of NJUT. It dedicates to both academic research and practical application.

  Requirements for contributions:

1. Substantial in content, novel in viewpoint, reliable in argument, strict in logic as well as concise and fluent in language. Research findings achieved under the sponsorship of research foundation at the national level and provincial or ministerial level will be accepted with priority. Please mark the contribution with “foundation project”, project name and project number.

2. Author’s brief introduction is expected, which should include date of birth, gender, nationality, birth place, professional title, degree, research field, and contact information. The title of the paper, author’s name (with the name of author’s employer, province, and city information as well as post code of the employer listed below), abstract ( describing the key viewpoint of the paper in an objective manner in 200 words or less), and keywords (3 to 5) should be translated into English.

3. Please mark quoted viewpoints and materials with subscripts “[1], [2]……” and page number at the end of citation. Their source should be listed at the end of the paper in the form of references, with citation sequence corresponding to reference sequence. For reference methods, please refer to Descriptive Rules for Bibliographic References (GB/T 7714-2005).

4. Sole responsibility for the paper lies in the author. According to regulations in Copyright Law, the periodical can make modification or deletion of the contributions under author’s permission. Please give clear indication if the modification is forbidden.

5.The JOURNAL is the source periodical of Chinese Academic Journals (CD), Chinese Journal Net Full-text Database, Wanfang Data-Digital Periodical Group, Scholars Forum-Digital Library. Please give clear indication if the author objects to compiling the paper into CDs and databases mentioned above .

6.Duplicate submission of manuscript is forbidden. Please keep the manuscript in case that it is not returned back due to limited manpower.

7.The online submission website of The JOURNAL is http://www.njutxb.com/. The author is free to submit the manuscript elsewhere if no notice from the JOURNAL within three months of the submission.